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Cáceres, Isabel (Tafonomia)

I’m Dr in History by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (2002), lecturer in the Master of Quaternary Prehistory and Human Evolution and in History Degree at the URV. I’m member of Atapuerca Research Team since 1991, where I take part in the fieldwork and in the research of the main sites. Currently, I’m coordinating the work of Galería site (Middle Pleistocene).
My research focuses on the taphonomical study of Middle and Early Pleistocene assemblages with anthropic activity, mainly in Spanish sites. In addition, I'm working about first human occupations in Africa (Algeria and Ethiopia). The experimental archaeology is a necessary tool for my research. For this reason, I carry out experimental programs, about both bioestratinomic and fossildiagenetic processes, which can be applied to fossil assemblages.

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